Erotic massage TANTRA and ESCORT in GENEVA and LUGANO


About me

I am Dhara and I do the Erotic Tantra Massage in Geneva

I am a cultured woman of swiss-brazilian origin, but I also have other origins from various countries and ethnicities, hence I consider myself "Citizen of the World ". Thanks to the plurality of my background, I have a welcoming nature, free of stereotypes and sensitive to mankind diversity. I try to understand not only the strengths and weaknesses but also the qualities and dreams of every human being, even the most curious and playful. I want to awake up your senses and create a friendly and passionate relationship between us based in understanding and perceive of your desires, especially the most inner ones, actualy I would like to warm up the sensuality and erotism which live in every one of us.

I receive alternately in Lugano and Geneva, in my respective studios where prevail: - cleanliness, discretion and elegance hence I please you to behave discreetly and give me about 1 hour notice, on the same day. Also, I am available for escort service, and I will answer your call from 10:30 am to fix your appointment between 11:30 am and 10:30 pm. Thanks to read my profile. 


The Massage

Discover the erotic and sensual massage created by me similar to tantra

The goal of my massage is awake up the sensuality that lives in you, to create an alliance in which the body and soul intertwine, shaping up a force that allows our mind to detach itself from reality and reach physical and spiritual well-being. I created my own erotic massage method, mixing my experience with the different massage techniques learned. I call it "Dhara Massage" in which the main goals are restore the libido and extend the orgasm delaying the ejaculation until you desired.
The massage is performed without rush or superficiality, but with fluidly and tenderness, in order to create a feeling between us. I would like to be able to build a relationship of understanding and friendship with you, to better know your wishes and spend great moments of ecstasy and passion together. Thanks to the massages which is performed with my hands and naked body,  you will forget the stress and get out of everyday life to enjoy moments of complete pleasure.

Holiday / Tours

Die Studie ist vom 16 März 2020 bis 8 Juni 2020 geschlossen
aufgrund von Maßnahmen der Regierung zur Bekämpfung von COVID-19


The poetry stimulates, releases the feelings, cries, talks, smiles, plays, surrender and throws itself, falls and lost the way ... then stops to wisely reflect to finding its anwers in the rhymes that inspire it.

Dhara 13.10.2019
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Time Price
45 min 200
1 hour 300
90 min 400
2 hours 500
3 hours 700
1 hour / Out Call  500
Time Price
2 hour / Out Call 800
Dinner + escort massage 1000
Currencies Accepted 
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